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A Lego Back to the Future Game? Maybe, Maybe Not.






I normally do not get all excited about Lego video games, mainly because there are a ton of them. They have covered almost every theme and franchise imaginable. What is my main weakness? Back to the Future. I have bought all 3 of the movies multiple times on different formats, and I even bought the Back to the Future Lego set. It had me wondering if a game could be in the works with the recent Lego set being available. Then I saw an awesome teaser image recently released with a Lego hand holding a letter from Hill Valley, California. The outside of the letter says “Do not open until 4-9-15”. On the bottom corner of the image it says “#BREAKTHERULES”. Could this be a Lego Back to the Future game announcement?



Lego_BTTF_teaserI watched the new trailer for a game announced today called “Lego Dimensions”. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. In fact, I was studying the frames closely to see if a Lego DeLorean or a Back to the Future character would appear. I didn’t see anything at all. I re-watched the video again and I finally saw something familiar! It was a Lego DeLorean time machine with Marty McFly jamming out on his guitar. The footage was so short it only seemed to last a few frames. Unfortunately, Gandalf, Batman, and Wyldstyle from the recent Lego Movie all hogged the spotlight.


The other unique (yet unoriginal) thing that they are doing with the Lego series is that they are jumping on the “toy and portal” bandwagon. Skylanders is doing it, Disney Infinity is doing it, Nintendo is doing it, I guess it was inevitable for a giant toy company like Lego to follow suit. What makes this lineup slightly different is that you are getting actual Lego pieces mixed in with traditional figurines attached to a familiar “portal” base. So you will most likely be able to purchase a Back to the Future collectible along with something from every other random franchise that the game will support.


The part about the toy collecting thing has given me mixed feelings. Personally, I have never really been a fan of cluttering up my house with stuff like that. I am also a father with a few kids. Being a grown man playing a Lego video game is one thing, but running out and collecting a bunch of toys feels like I’m crossing back into kiddie land. I guess I can buy the toys “for my kids” (cough cough) and randomly “borrow” them when I need to. Then again, my kids are pretty good at losing things, so I am conflicted if this game will be for me or not. It will most likely get expensive buying all of the accessories and figures as well.


Overall though, I am still going to remain cautiously optimistic about this game, because all of the recently released Lego titles have been extremely well made. The fact that there is a Back to the Future reference alone makes this game feel like I have to try it.  From the looks of it, you can already pre-order the game and a “Back to the Future Level Pack“, which includes a bonus level called “A Hill Valley Time Travel Adventure”. If you buy the Back to the Future pack and the core game starter kit, you are looking at $130, which includes some bonus toys and figures to go with it. The game will be available on virtually every current and next-gen console, (PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U) and will be released on September 28th 2015.



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