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How to Lose a Destiny Match in the Worst Way Possible

Time for a new Dummy of the Month! This is one of those moments in gaming that can make a person want to scream and throw their controller. This player was playing a match of “Trials of Osiris” in Destiny and his team was on a flawless streak with eight wins. One more victory and his team will unlock a special social area on Mercury called “The Lighthouse”. His team was on the final round of the final match, where winner takes all. At the worst possible moment, this happens:


Talk about your worst luck ever, but this goes to show how something as trivial as “remembering to charge your controller” can ruin one of the most critical gaming moments. In all fairness though, the DualShock 4 controller does have a pretty horrible battery life. It seems to have a battery that lasts only a few hours at a time. Some tinkerers have modded the PS4’s controller to disable the LED light and they were able to at least double (or almost triple) their play time. The purpose of the lightbar seems pointless anyway. What use does it really have? So far it’s mostly just gimmicky stuff, like flashing red and blue if cops are chasing you in GTA, or changing to be the same color as the team you are on in a sports game.

There should be an option to disable the light in the settings. It gets frustrating to have your controller die in the middle of playing, and mine has died on me more times than any other controller I have ever had before it. There are other options, such as swapping out the battery, that don’t involve disabling the LED light, but opening the controller isn’t an easy thing to do for the average consumer. I’m one of those tech-savvy/modding types, and I even came close to losing a spring to one of the triggers when I opened mine. I opened mine up to swap out the analog sticks, but now I am tempted to swap out the battery for a high capacity one. There are safer options out there at least, such as the “Nyko Power Pack” and the “2600mAh SmaAcc“, which simply attaches an extra battery to the outside of the controller, but I am not sure if the added bulkiness would get in the way or not.

Have you ever replaced the battery in your controller or done any mods to increase the battery life? Please share your story in the comments!




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