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Super Nintendo World is Coming to Universal Studios

Rumors have been going around for a few years now, but Nintendo and Universal Studios have begun announcing plans to open up a new theme park section in all of the Universal Studios locations. The new theme park section will be called “Super Nintendo World” and will feature shops, rides, and other attractions themed from Nintendo’s most popular franchises.

The first opening of the new section will be at Universal Studios Japan, and the remaining parks will have a Super Nintendo World of their own shortly after. Here is the first preview concept of the park:


The artist rendition seems to focus mostly on Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom, but it’s safe to assume many of the rides and other attractions will be themed after Nintendo’s other popular franchises as well. I am personally hoping to see something themed after Metroid or F-Zero, but I won’t hold my breath on that.


I am really curious to see what ideas Nintendo and Universal will come up with. It makes me wonder if there will be some sort of interactivity between Nintendo’s 3DS or Switch handhelds. Who knows, you might even be able to purchase games and systems directly from the park, or maybe preview games before they are officially released. This will be an awesome addition to Universal Studios and I can’t wait to find out more details in the months ahead!


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