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Podcast Beyond’s Original Hosts Return with “PS I Love You XOXO”

If any of you loved and missed the popular podcast show called “Podcast Beyond” with hosts Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty, I have some great news! The original hosts have created a new podcast (with a clever title) called “PS I Love You XOXO”. It is pretty much identical in format to their old show. They actually asked to acquire the “Podcast Beyond” name, but IGN (unsurprisingly) rejected the offer. Their first episode was released on September 29th, 2015, and after watching it, it definitely felt like the good old days before Podcast Beyond changed hosts 9 months ago.

I never really got into listening to podcasts until about a year ago. I find them to make the time go by much quicker while working instead of listening to music. There are tons of great podcasts to listen to, and I always liked the combination of news and humor that these guys had on their show. When they quit and launched their “Kinda Funny” network, I had mixed feelings about it, but now it feels like a win-win since they are returning to their “Beyond!” roots.



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