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How to Enable 2-step Verification with a PlayStation Account

Sony has finally upgraded their security standards with their PlayStation Network. They have had their share of security breaches in the past, where millions of user credentials have been compromised and shared all over the internet. Having your account stolen can be a real nightmare. If you have a credit card tied to your account, a malicious user can spend thousands of dollars on digital games, movies, and digital content. In this day and age, you can never be too safe, so the first thing you should do (as soon as possible) is activate “2-step verification” for your account. With this enabled, you will receive a cell phone message with a special activation code to confirm that you are signing into a new PlayStation connected device. If someone steals your password, it will be practically impossible for that person to sign in as you.

To activate and configure 2-step verification, simply go here:

Optionally, you can activate 2-step verification from your console by navigating here on your PS4:

  1. Settings
  2. Playstation Network Account Management
  3. Account Information
  4. Security
  5. 2-Step Verification


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