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Rocket League is Sending us Back to the Future

I usually don’t have time to play every single game out there. I have to choose them wisely. I don’t mind playing something that absorbs a bunch of my time, but there are many times when I just want to play something that is quick and fun. Rocket League is the perfect game to scratch that “quick game” itch. It provides the best of both worlds really. You can play for 10 minutes, but you can also play for a few hours straight, and you will still be telling yourself “just one more game” the entire time. Needless to say, it’s felt like my personal “game of the year”. You don’t have to grind for upgrades, the controls are intuitive, and there is a lot of depth to mastering trick shots. It also makes for one hell of a party game when you have 3 of your friends over.


I would have never imagined that my favorite car from my favorite movie franchise would have been dlc for my favorite game though. I’m talking about the DeLorean from Back to the Future.  The time machine will have all of it’s trademarked looks and sounds, such as the fire trails and hover tires. Every time I look at the screenshots and watch the trailer for it I can’t help but geek out a little bit.  It definitely seems like a perfect fit for this game though, since all of the cars in Rocket League tend to be in the air more than they are on the ground.


The release date for the Back to the Future Car Pack is October 21st, 2015, which is the “future” date that Marty and Doc traveled to in Back to the Future part II. The best part of all is that it’s going to be only $1.99. Something as cool as that could have easily been sold for $9.99 and any fan (who isn’t?!) would have gladly picked it up. This is making me wonder what other awesome dlc ideas the team at Psyonix has up their sleeves. I seriously doubt they will ever be able to top this though. If you were on the fence about trying Rocket League and are a Back to the Future fan, now is the perfect time to see what you have been missing. It’s currently available for PlayStation 4 and on PC.




Edward Hyman

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