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The Perfect Tool for Browsing Your PlayStation Download List


I love using my PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and my PlayStation handhelds. What I don’t love is how clunky and unorganized the PlayStation store is, specifically the download history list. Over the years, I have bought what felt like hundreds of games and it has gotten to the point where it feels almost impossible to find and download one of my previous purchases. I am not sure what Sony is thinking. They have a complete team of developers that can’t grasp simple concepts like “alphabetical order” and “filtering”. The purchase history list is sorted only by date of purchase. If you want to re-download something you bought a year ago you basically have to skim through an unorganized list of hundreds of non-alphabetized previous purchases. Well, thanks to a very awesome tool called PSDLE, navigating your entire catalog of purchases has not only become more convenient and easier, it has become fun.

This tool has to be run in a slightly more unusual way than I’m used to, but the important part is it works. Here is an excerpt of the instructions taken from

Copy the following to your clipboard:


  1. Navigate to the the online store. (
  2. Paste into your browser’s address bar.
  3. Ensure the pasted line begins with javascript: If not, add it.
  4. Submit.
  5. PSDLE should activate.
  6. After successful activation the PSDLE logo will appear in the bottom-left corner, click it to start.

Once you follow those steps and click on the “PSDLE” logo in the bottom-left corner, prepare to be amazed! You will see a complete list of all of your previous purchases. Here is a list of features that PSDLE currently has:

  • View, sort, and filter your download list. You can mix and match PS4, PS3, PSP, PS Vita
  • Filter games that work only on PlayStation TV
  • See what games are tied to your PS+ subscription and filter them out of the list
  • Queue downloads and send them to your specific console
  • Export your list to a spreadsheet
  • Runs on mobile devices
  • Open source – which means other developers can improve the tool

The tool is safe to use. Some might be concerned about using account login credentials with it, but the developer made the tool open source and shared it on github so anyone can inspect the code themselves.

Here are a few screenshots of the tool running:


If you search for a game, an auto-completed list will appear
Once you select a game you want to install, you can queue it from the tool directly
You can sort by file size and filter to show specific platforms. Perfect for use with limited storage.



This is such a no-brainer add-on, it makes me wonder why Sony couldn’t have designed this themselves a long time ago.  Once you sort through your downloads this way, you won’t want to go back to the “official” Sony way. It’s also just really fun to use, I have been spending a long while now looking at what I have purchased over the years. For the first time I can see what I bought for each specific platform, I can easily see which PSVita games take up too much space, and I can see all of the PS+ freebies I have redeemed so far. This is all too awesome and I want to thank the developer “RePod” for sharing this extremely useful tool. Be sure to check it out, and bring it to Sony’s attention while you are at it. They could learn a thing or two from this guy.



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