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This Dummy Shared his GTA V Key Live on YouTube

I officially nominate “Ross” aka “@MrBossFTW” Dummy of the Month. He was so excited to broadcast gameplay of him playing Grand Theft Auto V that he decided to broadcast installing and activating GTA V live on YouTube. The amount of people watching the live stream reached roughly 2000 users. The entire incident unfolded in a video that was nearly an hour long.

The video starts out with Ross acting extremely excited and as the minutes go by he acts more and more frustrated with the downloading, unpacking, and activation process. In a few brief random moments between the 2 minute and 10 minute mark of the video, you can clearly see the “activation key” appear in a pop-up window for a few seconds, which is clearly enough time for someone to take a quick screenshot to try to activate the game before he does.

That is exactly what happened too, because when he finally got to the activation screen around the 34 minute mark of the video, he received an error message that the product key was already activated and in use. At that very moment you can see any glimmer of hope in his eyes vanish as he suddenly shouted “WHAT THE HECK?!” while discovering that his key was stolen.



The reason why this happened is because he thought he had activated the game already on Steam, but he didn’t realize that his account had to be activated and linked to Rockstar’s “Social Club” account. The moment that activation code appeared during the install process, he was at a race against time to activate the game before one of his viewers could. He unfortunately didn’t get to activate it fast enough and he spends the rest of the video talking with his friends about his next course of action. “Do I contact Steam or Rockstar?” he debates to himself. He contacted Rockstar and sent them a message on Twitter about what had happened. Lucky for him, he got it all sorted out. He posted on his Twitter account that @rockstargames sent him a “care package” and that @steam_support issued him a refund for his stolen GTA V activation key.


This guy has over 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, so his popularity probably helped him get everything sorted out quickly. This guy at least came out ahead from his stupid mistake with all of the attention it drew toward him. He acted like a good sport about it the entire time, and he owned up to everything he did wrong. It’s screwed up that there are people out there that will steal from right under someone’s nose like that, but at least he learned from this. Be extremely careful when you are broadcasting your computer screen to the entire world, you never know who is watching. If you decide to stream a game you are playing, activate it and get it running first. Duh!

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