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How to Uncensor Street Fighter V on PC

Street Fighter V finally arrived on PS4 and PC, but there were a few annoying things that fans have noticed at launch, such as server and performance issues. Another issue that had many people annoyed was the censorship of the famous “butt slap” that R. Mika had, along with a few other camera angle changes of Cammy and Chun Li, which originally had the camera focused on their “assets”. In the beta version of Street Fighter V, fans were able to see the original uncensored animations of these female characters, but when the retail version finally released, everything was changed. So what happened next? Some clever and determined Street Fighter V fans on Reddit took matters into their own hands.

While digging through the files of the pc version, players compared the differences between the beta version and the retail version and started experimenting with replacing certain files that are in charge of the in-game camera. Once they found the correct files, they decided to share their discovery online. A short while later, someone else made an easy to use mod tool, which allowed the modification of the game to be done with ease. I tested out this mod “research purposes” and can confirm that this mod works great.

Keep in mind though, even though it’s not likely, there can always be risks involved with modifying your game. Steam might falsely detect you as cheating, or if you install mod files from an untrustworthy source, you could end up with some sort of malware on your system. Just read the comments and reviews and make sure everything checks out before installing anything. For all of you PS4 Street Fighter V players, I’m sorry to report that you are stuck playing a censored version.

Edward Hyman

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