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Use Your Smartphone or PC with Destiny to Move Items

I have a confession to make, I love playing Destiny. Many people I talk to love to make fun of it and sometimes I almost feel judged because I enjoy playing it so much. Why do I like it? I am not entirely sure. I just find it extremely fun to endlessly shoot things I guess. I can jump into story mode and do free roam missions to shoot things to relax and practice. When I am feeling a little more confident, I’ll occasionally hop into the “Crucible” and take on other players. I also just love the variety of guns and armor. As soon as I start thinking I have seen everything, a completely new gun or armor piece appears in my inventory that makes me want to upgrade it to see what it is capable of.

Upgrading becomes a problem eventually though, because it can be extremely time consuming. To make life a little easier with upgrading weapons, sometimes I’ll move my new favorite weapon in-between characters so I can level it up faster. I’ll even move my upgrade materials around from one character to another as well.

To do this, you have to move your gun to your vault, switch characters, go back into the vault, select your gun and materials, and repeat until your gun is leveled up. Part of what makes that very time consuming is all of the loading screens you have to wait through.

Sometimes I might just be in the middle of a mission and really wish I had a specific weapon, but I don’t want to go through the trouble of leaving to orbit, then heading to the tower, then back to orbit, and once again back to the mission. Just explaining it all is tedious. Well, I am happy to report that you no longer have to do this at all anymore.

Transfer items with your smartphone (shown left and right) or your pc web browser (middle)


In a recent update to the Destiny companion app and the Bungie website, a new feature was added that allows you to move items to and from the vault to any of your characters. You can even be in the middle of playing and use your phone to drop off an item to you directly from your vault. Need a heavy ammo synthesis? No problem. What if you want to buy an item from Xur, but your other character has most of the “Strange Coins”? Well, use your web browser or app and just transfer it to your currently loaded character immediately. It’s extremely useful, especially if you have a team of friends waiting on you to gear up and get ready for a raid.

If you are still a Destiny addict and have a smartphone or pc nearby, give this feature a shot. It will drastically cut down on the amount of time you spend watching your ship flying to and from orbit.



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