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Pro Tip: Finish All Three Rounds before Running a Victory Lap

The latest “Dummy of the Month” award goes to competitive Guilty Gear EVO 2015 player “Woshige”, who beat an extremely tough opponent named “Ogawa”, who is often referred to in the fighting game community as the “God of Guilty Gear”. When Woshige beat Ogawa, he put his controller down, stood up, faced his audience, and cheered in victory. His hands were in the air and there was a huge smile on his face, but not for long.


While he was caught up from all of the excitement, he somehow forgot that he lost the first round to Ogawa and round three was about to start. Woshige was still in the middle of cheering when the third round was starting. Ogawa didn’t hesitate for a second to take full advantage of the situation, and performed a flawless victory against Woshige before he could prepare himself to fight back.

This just goes to show that you should always pay attention to details when playing in a tournament. Something as simple as remembering what round you are on could make all the difference.

Edward Hyman

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